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If you've maintained a website for any length of time, you'll know that links very quickly become broken, because we move, delete or change our own pages, and other people that we link to do the same.

A broken link on your site is a dead end for your visitors and will also be bad news for your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Integrity is a link checker, no more, no less, no frills - and free (donationware). If you'd like:

- all of this and more is available in Scrutiny. Here is a comparison of major features

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Download Integrity
Download Integrity 5 (free)

Requires Mac OSX 10.6 or higher, Intel 64-bit.

Users of OSX 10.5 should download the last version built for 10.5; version 4.5.3. Free.

Users of OSX 10.4 should download the last version built for 10.4; version 4.2.2. Free.

Integrity is donationware, which means that it's available to personal users free of charge with no restrictions. I'm very grateful for donations and if you choose to donate, it will encourage further development of this and other OSX software.

If you are using Integrity as part of your business, please buy a licence for the more powerful Scrutiny, or make an equivalent donation towards Scrutiny. End user licence agreement


Open the .dmg file and find an installer inside. To keep it in your dock, right-click or click-and-hold on its dock icon and choose 'Keep in dock'.

PC Version?

If you're of the Windows persuasion, use Xenu's Link Sleuth. The developer has made it clear that he's not interested in producing a specific Mac version. I don't do Windows so there won't be an Integrity for Windows. I've no connection with Tilman Hausherr (though he seems like a great guy), and this is no more than a personal recommendation to use the Link Sleuth if you're a pc user.

Bugs and enhancements

If you have a problem or suggestion, first see whether the answer is on the FAQs page. You can also see my bug and enhancement list on Scrutiny and Integrity's bug and enhancement list. If your question isn't answered, please see Scrutiny's support page for contact details.

Version History

v5.1.0 Released January 2015

v5.0.12 Released Dec 2014

v5.0.11 Released Dec 2014

v5.0.10 Released Dec 2014

v5.0.9 Released Dec 2014

v5.0.8 Released Nov 2014

v5.0.7 Released Sept 2014

A number of enhancements relating to character encoding: Other enhancements and fixes:

v5.0.6 Released August 2014

v5.0.5 Released August 2014

v5.0.4 Released August 2014

v5.0.3 Released June 2014

v5.0.2 Released June 2014

v5.0 Released May 2014


Full version history for Integrity (The full history is also in the release notes included in the app's dmg file)