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Copied content ranked lower

Google are now looking out for copied content. They can't of course determine copyright infringement, but copyright notices from content owners will influence the ranking of the copied content and may be removed under certain circumstances.

In short, keep your content original.

Thanks to Susan Hallam for this advice.



Shares and likes critical to SEO?

This article from business2community.com finds that Facebook shares, likes and comments are important to SEO, more important than Google +1's.

If you've forgotten Facebook then it may be time to revisit this easy way to connect with individuals.


Using PPC to discover good keywords

Using PPC to discover good keywords

This article from Search Engine Land explains that there are many ways to find good keywords, and that testing them using PPC is a great way to discover which are really the best converting.

How To Leverage PPC To Discover High-Converting Keywords

Improved SEO keyword analysis in Scrutiny v3

Improved SEO keyword analysis in Scrutiny v3 - released

I've finished testing and have released Scrutinty v3.

Although coming fairly soon after v2, I've decided to make this a major release rather than a point version because there has been some serious work 'under the hood' making the crawl slightly faster and more memory-efficient, some interface improvements such as sorting on all views, and some important new features such as the ability to include content in the keyword count (pictured) or to run on schedule.


SEMPO figures on value of search industry

Google's advice about SEO

This article from WebProNews explains that spending on SEO is still increasing despite the growth of social media. (Chart right shows SEMPO figures on value of search industry).

With rumours about more Panda / Penguin updates, the article suggests visiting Google's own advice about using an SEO firm (follow the link through to their SEO starter guide) :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Google's advice

Machine translation

App Store

I noticed in my website stats that a good deal of visitors were arriving having read about Integrity on the OSX Freeware blog (thank you to them).

I was of course delighted with that, but what really impressed me was the translation of the website that I saw when I viewed it using Google's translation tool - View the translation

I'm amazed. I've always regarded machine translation as 'good enough to get the gist'. There are a couple of glitches but in contrasts to my previously dim view of auto-translation, it almost reads as if it had been written in English. (I love the fact that in a translation of German -> English, a French experssion is used!)

Website Visualisation

App Store

I've been experimenting with visualisations of a website using the data generated by Integrity and Scrutiny. It's been fairly easy to put out the data as a standard dot file and let a third-party graph generator do the work.

These first attempts, while useful, do look more aesthetically pleasing as abstract images. See more on Peacockmedia's facebook page

The next release of both applications shouldn't be too far off and I have other exciting things I'd like to get in too.

Thoughts welcome. Contact me

Bing optimisation


Have just read a very interesting interview about Bing. Inbound links are only the third most important factor for the Bing search engine. Are you interested now too?

One quote that stands out: "Your Sitemaps need to be clean. We have a 1% allowance for dirt in a Sitemap. Examples of dirt are if we click on a URL and we see a redirect, a 404 or a 500 code. If we see more than a 1% level of dirt, we begin losing trust in the Sitemap"

That seems like a good reason to regularly check your site using a link checker such as Integrity or webmaster tool such as Scrutiny which will clearly flag those problems and can generate the sitemap for you. (Obviously the sitemap will only be clean if you fix the problems that it flags up!)

Full article here

I'll keep all OSX and geeky stuff on this page. For my thoughts about working from home, please see workingfromhammock.blogspot.com